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Battery - meanings through time and onward

What did the Battery mean? What does it mean now? How have those metaphors changed the technology?

Initial Clues

Leyden Jars Military Equipment Rams and batteries were the same? Crime(?)


  • ==it seems to be a group of somethings designed to do somefunctions. ==
    • The only exception seems to be the crime of battery.
      • Legal definitions of battery -through history- might be interesting to look at
  • Is this where Bat is cricket and baseball come from?
    • but in baseball battery = catcher and pitcher
  • Naming system of the electric battery seems to be based on structure?
    1. BRITISH

    a series of small cages for the intensive rearing of farm animals, especially calves and poultry.

    "battery farming" - ==this seems to be the most apt metaphor for modern day batteries. a process of intensive repititive exploitation and depletion. at scale. ==

with this definition a more full definition arises - a repititive group of somethings/someactions designed to do someactions or someeffect - usually related to striking or building capacity to strike

==Can the reframing be about cycles of filling and depleting? Like reservoirs?==