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Compost Magazine - Technofutures from Bidar

This piece is a group reflection of a project run in Bidar, India, to set up a community mesh network facilitated by Living Labs Network and Forum, and Janastu/Servelots.

This local mesh network was to act as an intranet of local informal archives that would collectively function as a knowledge network. These archives come from various communities in Bidar and their knowledge practices. During the course of the project, we came to see both the limitations of technology but also the potential of it to catalyse and nurture many more spaces of cultural collaboration.

We would like to present narratives from the field of possibilities and futures that our network members came across. The main aim of this endeavour was to set up the network as a way to to document and creatively engage with folklore, songs, and oral practices held by women of various communities in Bidar. The intent was to connect the unconnected through collaborative activities and create mutual annotation of oral knowledge practices.

This piece was made by talking to network members who were part of the project and talking about what they thought about it now.

My contribution: Interviews, Writing, Coding, Layout