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Designer's Ace

This was a project from a team of people that were all aspiring to be a part of a design school someday, somewhere.

It was set of 101 cards designed to build design thinking in young aspirants.

The problem we were trying to solve was to break the notion that only “creative” people (who been drawing and sketching for all their life) can become designers, we worked with a few designers to see the traits that were most effective in designers and then we planned tasks to build up those traits.

Examples of the tasks

Serial Number Task
1 Meditate in the morning and draw your experience
2 Call a helpline. Draw a face for the stranger’s voice
3 Feel and photograph ten different textures
4 Imagine that you are in two places at once. Write about the experience
5 What is the worst film you have watched? Write about how it makes you feel
6 Try to sit in a busy place. Take photographs to show how it keeps changing
7 Close your eyes and try to listen to the sounds that surround you for five minutes
8 Read the lips of people who are talking to each other and try to guess the topic of conversation
9 Make a comic about any incident in your life
10 Observe different objects and create a story about them

We drew these tasks by clustering the traits that a community of designers said that a designer must possess

Sr. No. Traits Our Definitions
1 Empathy to feel with
2 Creativity to understand the nature of design
3 Sensitivity to see things just as
4 Observation to create original ideas
5 Art Skills to develop craftsmanship

We also categorised the task according to the nature of the task and added a gameplay mechanic through the use of archetypes

Symbol Archetypes Our Definitions
+ Conjurer creation tasks
() Guru tasks for self discovery
' Astronaut tasks for awareness
? Mad Scientist experimentation tasks
! Dancer expressive tasks

People Involved: @DarpanaNaik, @KiranSabnis, @Anagha Rewalkar, @VivekShinde, @MicahAlex My contribution: Qualitative Research, Prototyping, Play system, Nomenclature and Typology