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  1. Compost Piece about New technological visions from Bidar while experimenting with coauthoring, illustrating and annotation libraries here also check [[Commoning the Inbetweens- Compost Pitch#Reflections and Thoughts on the piece]] and Compost Magazine - Technofutures from BidarCompost Magazine - Technofutures from Bidar
    This piece is a group reflection of a project run in Bidar, India, to set up a community mesh network facilitated by Living Labs Network and Forum, and Janastu/Servelots.

    This local mesh network was to act as an intranet of local informal archives that would collectively function as a knowledge network. These archives come from various communities in Bidar and their knowledge practices. During the course of the project, we came to see both the limitations of technology but also the potential...

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4.  Nine ways that climate change could snowball into something much worse that 'global warming' here

  1. An op-ed about how much location data different apps have on you here and how to take precautions here

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