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SARS CoV2 Variants

Title: SARS-CoV-2 Variants | UK + South African + Brazil Variants Author: ninja nerd lectures link: Keyword: variants workings


introduction to variant architecture

  • so mutations happen on the spike proteins which are the spikey things that let a virus cell enter a cell within our bodies
  • there are many processes through which it enters the cell
    • receptor bonding
    • s-protein cleavage by tmprss etc (if the spike protein breaks it is easier to enter the cell)

the single strand rna has 4 genes that control different functions of the virus - Replications - proteases

  • spike protein
  • other proteins
    • envelop and hemosomething


      entry into cell genes make what they make all of these go to golgi apparatus to vessicle(???) eventually fuse with cell membrane then go and infect more cells

B1.1.7 UK

N501y - substitution that changes compostiion of the spike protein and changes the struct of the Receptor binding domain - increases viral entry -> replication -> infection -> production -> transmission HV69/70 - changes something that might interfere with the antibody binding to the spike protein P618h - changes something in si and s2 parts of spike protein by increasing cleavage activity by TMPrss

B.1.351 SA

N501y E484k - increases interaction in the Receptor binding domain specifically motif -> which increases entry




  • transmission may have increased 30 to 50%
  • no idea what implications for mild and asymptomatic cases
  • if the question is if i was vaccinated earlier how would the variants affect me?
    • then he thinks that memory b cells or tcells which are the cells that remember infections are still present through your vaccination even though there are changes in the spike protein

how do vaccines work

-mRNA -> enters cell ->ribosome translation -> antigen presenting cells -> tcells releases cytokines which release more memory tcells and bcells-> bcells make plasma cells which make antibodies ->memory b cells have antibodies on their cell membrane and cytotoxic(?) tcells therefore anticovid army = antibodies + memory b cells cytotoxic t cells +memory t cells

  • so even if antibodies don't bond with spike proteins thenother things are there