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Storytelling in non-linear ways

Storytelling in non-linear ways

  • Callbacks in Stand-up
  • Indian Stories
    • Caavad
    • Plot as protagonist

Virtual Reality

    • Melding of Realities
    • Virtual environments
    • Choice as a plot device
    • Thick descriptions done badly
      • Done well:
      • "So that when the time came, at 7 p.m. PST on the evening of the third day after the occurrence in the living room, to gather in emmeline’s room for her proposed real-time open conclave, Kropotkin and exu were among the first to arrive. But this was hardly to be an anarchist-dominated affair, for the room was crowding rapidly with representatives of all the MOO’s political stripes, and even a few wizards. Hagbard showed up, and Aurea and Quanto, Spaff, TomTraceback, Lithium and Bloof, ShermieRocko, Silver Surfer, MaoTseHedgehog, Toothpick — the names piled up and the discussion gathered momentum under their weight. Arguments multiplied and mingled, players talked past and through each other, the textual clutter of utterances and gestures filled up the screen like thick cigar smoke. Peaking in number at around 30, this was one of the largest crowds that ever gathered in a single LambdaMOO chamber, and while emmeline had given her place a description that made it infinite in expanse and fluid in form, it now seemed anything but roomy. You could almost feel the claustrophobic air of the place, dank and overheated by virtual bodies, pressing against your skin."
      • Searching ## <iframe src="" class="resize-both" style="height: 346px; width: 932px;"></iframe>
    • Presence as an divergence from traditional storytelling
      • - Spatiality missing in today's interfaces so we switch to temporality as a marker of conversation
        • This focus takes out ## Towards New Programming Languages that are non-linear

## Smallest Narrative Unit