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The Mundane and Strategic Work in Collaborative Design


-   Citation:
    -   intext: (Hyysalo & Hyysalo, 2018)
    -   bibliography: Hyysalo, V., & Hyysalo, S. (2018). The Mundane and Strategic Work in Collaborative Design. _Design Issues_, _34_(3), 42-58. [\_a\_00496](


  • A good reference for putting practice as research
  • use of a sidebar for footnotes, abbreviations etc.
  • citizen participation matters in the creation of public services, they make it more whole
  • This goes beyond academia into tech development and other ways to involve the users in more complex fashions
  • in the past people wrote about the ways user participation should be, which may/may not be relevant today
  • collaborative design was pushed as power and politics but the everydayness of the collaborations needs to be talked about
  • research has been catching on to the intermediate design required in the various collaborative community projects that are happening
  • sts has made strides in understanding these processes as co-constitutive to the progress of such progress and that these process may undermine/"straddle" the idealistic politics of collaborative design
  • Celib is the focis of this article investigating these intermediary actions and how they feed into each other and how it was//affected the competencies of the organisation
  • strategizing needs to move beyond a compromise or an excludable factor and to be seen as a more internal constituent changing results, audiences,modes of participation, methods
  • By looking at mundane work in collaborative design/silent design we problematize the over emphasis of idealisations and highlight the other (care) work that goes into it
  • through a designer retrospective, we hope to elaborate on the concepts of collaborative design