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Why do we hurt others - A literature review

A literature review and metaphor hunt for a very big question

"Can community practices from the past can be brought to the future without perpetuating the oppression?"

Choosing this question was important for me because I have realised over the course of a few conversations that I have become a fatalist. Srishti made me smug and cynical and that's not the baggage I wanted to carry out of here. I wanted to take a shot at one of the most difficult questions that I have ever faced in my life.

"Why do we hurt people?"

This has been my practice- The questioner and I don't want to give that up easily under the burden of knowledge. This project therefore went from question to question, wandering aimlessly in the research with brain fog, information fatigue and general anxiety about its direction. My friends were very instrumental in breaking me out. In my determination to find a positive spin on these unsolvable issues, I chanced up and considered many metaphors(in different contexts and spaces) that worked and solved the same problems (at different scales). Connecting this to the resilience structure framework helped me discretise these questions in terms of

ideals of resilience.

As the date of submission neared and I kept reading about the various frmeworks, I came back to Transition Design and

Points of leverage

in a system. PoLs are places in a system that can be targeted for maximum impact. As I started to connect these things to the PoLs in rank, I saw a pattern emerge. The first question I asked was the highest leverage point rank and as I diversified into various other questions they addressed lower and lower ranks. I have positioned this exploratory work as

a framework of metaphors

because I see value in metaphors being used as a tool to further positive non-apocalyptic versions of the future with true paradigm shifts and bold stances on the future.